All secrets have a half-life

I’m watching a documentary about nuclear weapons and that’s one of the quotes.  Pretty cool.

When Victoria came in January,  she asked me to visit her at least once in Madison. I went – two weeks ago.  I was hoping to avoid physical-ness and of course, that didn’t work. Madison was impressive. Victoria and I got along well. On one hand, we could do so well together. On the other, why try? I recall a fair amount of difficulty in our last try.

She’s in Tennessee right now. She drank tonight and texted that she had done 5 new things, most of them naked. The last thing (which I guessed was kissing a girl) she won’t tell me. It’s beginning to worry me. Whatever it is, it’s unknown. That ‘not knowing’ is uncomfortable.

Visiting Seansy this weekend. His mom is sick and in the hospital. I can’t imagine how that must feel.

I’m tired. Night night.


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